Tasting Notes for Cigar Blend Batches #15-18

bourbon pairing with cigar

An unprecedented four batches of Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon were shipped to retailers and restaurants nationwide last week and will be available starting today.  Cigar Blend Batches #15 through #18 derive from the same “coupe mere,” or mother blend, which consists of 13 barrels ranging from 11 to 20-years-old. The coupe mere was created […]

Thanksgiving Classics with an Extra Kick

Thanksgiving bourbon cocktail recipes

You know and love the Thanksgiving classics — turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing… But most families have their own take or twist on each of these dishes and ours provides an extra kick. Check out some boozy takes on these Thanksgiving staples, thoughtfully curated from some of our favorites sources.       Cranberry Sauce with Bourbon  2 […]

5 Fall Drinks to Warm the Hands and the Heart

fall bourbon drink recipes

Our spirits are remarkable at any temperature. With colder weather on the horizon (or, in some cases, already here), we wanted to share our top five favorite ways to enjoy Joseph Magnus Spirits – hot. These drinks will warm the hands and the heart.    Honey Bourbon Toddy  2 tbsp. Honey 1 c. hot water […]