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The Discovery

In 2007, the great-grandson of pre-Prohibition whiskey magnate Joseph Magnus discovered a carefully wrapped, unopened bottle of 122-year-old whiskey while sifting through family memorabilia.

Family lore had always remembered Joseph Magnus for the pioneer he was in the whiskey business at the turn of the century, but the family was shocked to discover their ancestors had protected and passed down what is believed to be the very first bottle of Joseph A. Magnus whiskey ever made, dated May 1892.

The Revival

To make sense of this rare find, the family agreed to extract 100ml from the original bottle and assembled a roundtable of industry veterans in Louisville, KY, including:


Dave Scheurich

Woodford Reserve Distiller and Whiskey Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

nancy “the nose” fraley

Director of Research for the American Distilling Institute and widely regarded as the nation’s top whiskey blender

Richard Wolf

Former Chairman of the Kentucky Distiller’s Association and VP General Manager at Buffalo Trace

They were stunned to discover it to be one of the greatest bourbons they had ever tasted.

Today, using the same blending and finishing techniques Joseph Magnus employed over 100 years ago, Magnus Master Blender, Nancy “The Nose” Fraley, finishes 12-year-old bourbon in a triple cask finishing process using Oloroso Sherry, Pedro Ximénez, and Cognac casks. The result is that we have come as close as possible to the original Joseph Magnus Bourbon in that 122-year-old bottle.

Recent News

D.C.-Based Heritage Spirits Brand Joseph Magnus Unveils National Growth Strategy

Our Spirits

straight bourbon whiskey made in DC

Joseph Magnus Bourbon

Sourced 12-year-old bourbon from Indiana, this bourbon spends 6-12 months in our finishing casks – Oloroso Sherry, Pedro Ximénez and Cognac – to deliver rich, deep flavors with notes of orange citrus, dried dark fruits, caramel and vanilla.

2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold


Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend is the result of Magnus Master Blender Nancy Fraley’s desire to revel in a bourbon that can hold its own alongside a fine cigar. A combination of our award-winning Joseph Magnus Bourbon, with 11-year-old and 18-year-old whiskeys, Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend assumes bold, rich aromas of tobacco, spice, leather, vanilla, blanched almonds, and toffee. The Armagnac cask finish lends fruity notes of fig, prune, and dried apricot.

2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold
whiskey made in DC
Joseph Magnus bourbon


Nancy Fraley artfully marries 20-year bourbon, 12-year bourbon, and 10-year-old light whiskey to deliver the notes of honey, toffee, brown baking spices, vanilla, and char with a hint of black pepper that lingers through a long and warm finish.

Vigilant Navy Strength Gin

Savory, spicy, and smokey, this gin is steeped and distilled with hand-crafted harissa, figs, fresh mint, lemon, hops, and hibiscus. It features dried, 4-year-old Italian juniper berries and packs a punch at 114 Proof. This is gin with a backbone.

Joseph Magnus gin near me

The Murray Hill Club is temporarily closed for upgrades.

Renovations include the addition of several pre-Prohibition artifacts on loan from the Magnus family. Follow along with our progress on Instagram and Facebook and make plans to come visit us later this year.

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