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Late-Summer Gin Cocktails

Summer never lasts as long as we’d like. The days are still hot, but the nights are getting brisk. Our team is warming up with our 114 Proof Vigilant Navy Strength Gin. Distilled with figs, fresh mint, lemon, hops, hibiscus, and hand-crafted harissa, this gin is savory, spicy, and smoky. Here a few cocktail recipes

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Refreshing Bourbon Cocktails For Summer Sipping

It’s about midway through the summer and you’ve downed too much beer and sipped too many sugary wines… it’s time to search for refreshment from another bottle… or should we say, barrel? Check out some of our favorite bourbon-based beverages below and enjoy at your next patio happy hour or backyard soiree. John Collins Sweet,

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Cheers to Independence

Freedom is infused in our spirits. Our namesake and pioneer whiskey connoisseur, Joseph A. Magnus, was known for his pre-prohibition persistence, and today our company is still based upon his rigor and passion for liberation. We are grateful for our freedom and we want our spirits to help you celebrate yours. Enjoy these cocktail recipes

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Cocktails for Carnivores & Grill Masters

Firing up the grill again is both comfortable and nostalgic, but finding the ideal accompaniment to quench your thirst and compliment your fresh-off-the-grill fare can be no small feat. Cracking open the same old beer is stodgy. Shake up something impressive at your next barbecue with these cocktails featuring our preeminent spirits and designed to

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